Corbins is renowned as the leading destination for Asian-fusion cuisine in the Sunshine Coast. But it’s not just about tantalising taste buds; it’s about creating an environment that leaves an impression. A destination that inspires memories for years to come.


Corbins is a dream that brother/sister duo Alicia and Jake Pregnell developed through a mutual love of food. Not just any food, but mind-blowing, exotic, thought-provoking food. Corbins brings together Alicia’s extensive travels and Jake’s all-encompassing culinary journey.

It’s a merging of passions and experiences and this is reflected in all aspects of the venue. Every detail is enriched with their strong aesthetic vision, making the dining experience unique and personal. 

The name, Corbins is a nod to a treasured friend. To have a space where people can come together and share in one of life’s greatest joys- food, is the greatest tribute to him.